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  • Leotard, skirt, and hair accessory will be provided on the first day of class (as long as dancer is registered 2 weeks prior). Families will be charged $22 for ballet attire two weeks prior to classes.

  • Ballet shoes - parents are responsible for purchasing pink LEATHER split sole ballet shoes, any brand.

  • Tights - parents should purchase tights below!

Ballet Purple is for the dancers who have shown a maturity and interest in Ballet Pink and are ready for the next step! Each dancer should be familiar with basic ballet terminology and the beginning barre exercises. They should be able to perform plies, tendu, degage and rond de jambe at the barre. Ballet Purple dancers should have a solid comprehension of basic ballet technique and the beginnings of proper alignment.  Ballet etiquette will be enforced and students are expected to be engaged and focused in each class. 

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