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In Ballet Black, Technique and alignment are advanced, ballet terminology is increased and artistry is emphasized. These dancers should be able to perform a full barre, center, and across the floor with proper technique.  Ballet A dancers should be able to perform multiple, turned out pirouettes and maintain their alignment and turnout during exercises and combinations in class as well as within performances. This class is an hour and half in length and the accompaniment of pointe technique. 


  • Leotard - Leotards are required to be purchased from  Colors are specific and required.  With your specific color, you may purchase any tank style or camisole style leotard from Dancewear Solutions.  Bras must be covered, so please consider this when selecting leotard style.

    • Ballet Black - Specific color from Dancewear Solutions is called "BLACK".

  • Ballet shoes - parents/dancers are responsible for purchasing pink CANVAS split sole ballet shoes, any brand.

  • Tights - parents/dancers should purchase tights from this link: 




For each day of class, dancer is required to arrive in leotard, hair accessory, tights and ballet shoes and with hair in slicked back ballet bun of any style.


***For pre-pointe and pointe class, normal level based leotard color must be worn.***

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